BALMAR Digital Duo 12/24 Volt Regulator


BALMAR Digital Duo 12/24 Volt Regulator


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Simple and effective charging for an auxiliary battery.  Use for Engine Starting, Bow Thruster, Windlass or Generator batteries.  Keep them charged but not overcharged.  Let your main charging sources go to the house battery where they are needed most.

The Balmar Digital Duo Charge provides regulated charging current to a secondary battery bank and features preset programs for Gel, AGM, deep cycle and standard flooded batteries to ensure proper charging even when battery types are mixed.  Use for charging start batteries, windlass batteries, bow thruster batteries.  Charge is regulated so the receiving battery only receives the charge it needs.  Unlike battery combiners the Duo Charge only requires small gauge wiring (typically 10 awg) so it is especially useful if the secondary battery is in a remote location.
  • For 12 or 24 volts – auto sensing.
  • Manual or automatic control.
  • 30 Amp charging ability.


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